Found in the main left menu of Guide Control, listings are similar to blog posts or articles. Listings are organized into categories and the types of listings are controlled by the types of category they are placed into. For example event listings will follow an event listing category template while location aware listings will follow the location aware category template. That said depending on what category you are posting a listing into you may or may not have certain features available to you.

  • Listings

    • Add Listings
      • Add New Listings
      • Search Shared Listings
        Users can choose to create listings that are private or shared.

        • Shared Listings are shared across the entire LocalsGuide network and can be shared into guides but not edited. The idea of shared listings is to allow users to create content that can be shared worldwide thus eliminating the need for duplicate content and creating one authoritative listings.
        • Private Listings will remain private to the specific guide they have been created in. They are not shared and will never appear in shared listing searches. Please note that when creating a multilingual guide all copied listings are set to the status of private to prevent duplication in the network.

    • Manage Listings
      • Title – Click the listing title to view an HTML preview of the listing.
      • Share – The share column displays how many times your listing has been shared within the LocalsGuide worldwide network.
      • Category – The category column tells what category the listing is assigned to.
      • Tags – Tags are an advanced way of adding search criteria to your listings.
      • Edit – Click to edit / delete listing.
      • Search Listings

    • Import Listing
      • Bulk import listings into your guide. Once imported the listings will go into Pending Listings. You will manually need to approve each listing.