To manage your guide you first need to click into the Guide Control Panel. All essential guides stats and controls will be displayed here.

Located Here:

Guide Stats – Key information and alerts about your guide.

  • Listing Count
    How many listings your guide has.
  • Category Count
    How many categories your guide has.
  • In-App Categories
    How many paid categories your guide has.
  • Export Site Map
    An detailed .doc site map of your guide. Useful for managing large guides and creating printed versions of guides.
  • Photo Gallery Status
    Red is Disabled – Green is Enabled. Click to manage photo gallery.  Please note the photo gallery template must be assigned to a category and the category must be turned on in the home page menu in order to display.
  • App Icon Status
    Red is Disabled – Green is Enabled – Click to manage icon.
  • Footer Status
    Red is Disabled – Green is Enabled – Click to manage footer.
  • Splash Page Status
    Red is Disabled – Green is Enabled
  • App Editor Count
    Displays many editors are assigned to manage your app. Click to Manage.
  • App Users
    How many listing owners are there in your guide?
  • Profile
    A special page on the html template to display base information about your guide.
  • Google Ad Mob Stats
    Red is Disabled – Green is Enabled – Click to Manage. You will need a google ADMOB id to participate. Here
  • Offline Generate ZIP – Click this button to dynamically generate the offline version of your guide. Offline versions are generated nightly, but if you want to create a new build click the button.
  • App Home Page and Header
    An important images in your guide displayed after the loading of the Splash page.

Quick Link Buttons


  • Mobile View
    A quick link to HTML Preview.

  • Build Multilingual Guide
    Click this button to create a multilingual guide. Creating a multilingual guide will clone your master guide creating an exact copy that you can then go back and edit with translated text. Please note you can only copy the original english guide and you cannot copy translated guides. Please also note that once guides have been copied you cannot undo. Only copy your guide when you are 100% ready to build the translated version.
  • Add Listing
  • Manage Listing
  • Add Category – Choose from 11 different types of categories.
  • Manage Category
  • Add Photos
  • Manage Photos
  • Add Banners – Add your own custom banners
  • Manage Banners
  • Add Hot Spots – Geo Fenced Zones for Banners
  • Manage Spots – Manage Geo Zones